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Rainwater Installation Workshop

  • Azaela Park, San Diego (map)

City of San Diego Residents can get this 500 gallon tank free after rebates from the City and   Learn how to design, install, and maintain a rainwater harvesting system that’s right for your home.

A 500 gallon tank integrated with laundry greywater

A 500 gallon tank integrated with laundry greywater

Did you know that a 1000 sq. ft. roof will shed 600 gallons for every inch of rain.  Average rainfall in SD is 10 inches.  So forget about 55 gallon barrels.  Let's talk tanks!

We will install a 500 gallon tank!  After city and county rebates, this tank is free for City residents.   You'll learn

  • How much rainwater you can harvest off your roof
  • How to filter and store rainwater safely
  • Tank sizes and prices
  • How to integrate your rainwater and your greywater
  • How to use rainwater passively in your landscape
  • How to make rainwater a cost effective option for your home.

This home will showcase shower and laundry greywater as well, so you can see how they systems are integrated into the front and backyard to create efficient, cost-effective onsite water resources.  Cost $15-$45 sliding scale RSVP here