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Rainwater Tank Installation Workshop with Pumps 101

  • North Park San Diego, CA 92104 (map)

Let's catch rainwater.  It's rained over 8" so far in coastal San Diego, 2" more than average for this time of year.  That equates to 4800 gallons of possibility of a 1000 square foot roof!   Between $400 in rebates from City of San Diego and $350 in rebates from Metropolitan Water District, it's easier than ever to justify large water storage.   In this hands-on workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of active rainwater harvesting systems.  By the end of the workshop we will have installed a 1000 gallon rainwater harvesting tank to help with irrigation during the dry season.  With an already existing 1000 gallons of water storage onsite, as well as laundry and shower greywater, this is a great place to see how an integrated system of strategies can achieve amazing abundance with little to no input of municipal water.  

Topics to include:

  • Wet and dry systems
  • Calculating potential rainwater collection
  • Different types of tanks and cisterns
  • Prefiltering rainwater
  • Best management practices
  • Getting the most out of a gravity fed system


  • Pumps 101, what you need to know about pumps before investing, by Rosalind Haselbeck with CatchingH2O, the leader in rainwater and greywater integration in Southern California!

This workshop will be held in North Park.  Exact address will be emailed to all registered participants.

Cost: $45 Get your ticket here to reserve your spot.

$25 for Pumps 101 only 100pm-2:30pm