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Create An Oasis With Rainwater and Greywater

  • To be given upon RSVP San Diego, CA 92102 (map)

Sign up for this workshop here.  We anticipate this class will fill quickly!

This full day workshop will teach people how to plant water back in the landscape to create abundant gardens that not only provide food, but shade, habitat, community, and more using rainwater and greywater!  When most people think about rainwater harvesting, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a barrel.  However, there is a far cheaper, more widely applicable, and larger storage capacity method for harvesting rainwater: passive rain gardens or earthworks.  A rain garden or earthwork is a term for sculpting the landscape to direct rainwater to where you need it and away from where you do not.  These rain gardens then fill up and accumulate water every time it rains.  There is no need to mess with hoses, plumbing parts, or expensive pumps. Just stand back and watch rainwater runoff walkways, driveways, patios, and other hardscapes right to where you need it.  In this way you can double or even triple the amount of water that your plants would naturally receive and eliminate erosion at the same time!

In this workshop, participants will learn to passively harvest rainwater, but also how to “get tanked” an install a 1,000 gallon rainwater tank.  This will be real world experience with sizing a tank, placement, prefiltration, and everything else to install your own rainwater harvesting tank.

Combining seasonal rainwater harvesting with year round perennial household greywater ensures that our gardens and landscapes are hydrated and water abundant.  The greywater portion of the workshop will train people on how to best use greywater with the least amount of effort, materials, and energy.  Greywater is any water generated from a shower, tub, washing machine, or sink that is re-used again for irrigation or other uses.  This workshop will show participants how to install a simple laundry to landscape greywater system

In this workshop, participants will learn everything they need to start harvesting rainwater and greywater.  It will be a great opportunity for those with previous experience in Permaculture to take their knowledge to the next level, in addition to providing an excellent foundation to those just starting out.  There will be a mix of theory and plenty of hands-on applications as all participants will assess the site and then install passive rainwater and greywater systems.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Installation of a 1,000 gallon rainwater tank
  • Designing and installing passive rainwater harvesting earthworks.
  • Greywater System Design
  • Greywater Installation

The workshop is split up into 2 sessions and can either be taken separately or together:

From 9am to 12 pm- Greywater- Laundry to Landscape

From 1pm to 4pm- Rainwater Harvesting

This workshop is held at a private residence near highway 94 and the 805.  The address will be sent out to all registered participants.

Workshop is from 9am-4pm, November 14th.

Earlier Event: November 7
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