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Greywater maintenance, servicing, and repair

  • City Heights, 92104 (map)
Greywater basin filling with laundry water

Greywater basin filling with laundry water

You’ve installed your gravity fed shower greywater system and/or your laundry to landscape system!  Congratulations!  Even though you shouldn’t have to maintain these systems often, they do need occasional checkups and maintenance.

This class will be a hands-on class.  We will have the unique opportunity to inspect, extend, repair, and service both a laundry greywater system and gravity fed greywater system from a shower and a kitchen sink which have been in place for several years.  We will also cover appropriate plantings, what’s working/not working, and how to evolve your system. 

You will also get to see this beautiful outdoor shower, since completed by Teo Brisneo which is draining into basins which feed nearby fruit trees.

Cost: $25

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