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Water Harvesting Certification Course - weekend 3

  • various places Carlsbad, CA (map)

The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute’s Water Harvesting Certification course is designed to train a new generation of leaders on the intricacies of rainwater, greywater, and stormwater harvesting. With decades of experience as licensed contractors, we can share with students of this certification opportunities to:

  • Design and build out rainwater harvesting and grey water harvesting projects.

  • Learn the ins and outs of codes and permitting through real experiences.

  • Perform maintenance and fixes on existing projects to see how these projects perform over time.

  • Experience small scale residential and large farm scale projects.

The pace of this course should allow you to take minimal time off your regular job but also allow you opportunities to work with local contractors on existing projects for pay.

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The dates of the program are as follows:

  • September 28-29: Introduction to Water Harvesting Basics (Valley Center)

  • October 11-13: Hands-On installation of Laundry Greywater, Rainwater, and Maintenance Visits (Carlsbad) with CatchingH2O

  • 10/26 Water Harvesting Bike Tour: Mid-City San Diego

  • 10/27 Advanced Water Harvesting Concepts

  • 10/31-11/3: Hands-On Installation of Shower Greywater System, and Landscape Earthworks for passive and active water harvesting with CatchingH2O

This certification is ideal for individuals who:

  • Want to deepen their education in ecology, urban planning, and landscape design.

  • Are in the current fields of plumbing, general contracting, landscape design architecture, and want to be prepared for the next generation of client work.

  • Want a career in this field.

  • Are looking to enhance their resume or gain a deeper understanding of ecological design.

Program Topics

Plumbing Basics

To install rainwater and greywater systems requires understanding the basics of plumbing. Learn this and some tricks of the trade.

Water Budgeting

Learn to calculate your water budget by understanding how to map your water supply and match it to your uses and needs.

Passive Earthworks

Learn how to shape and contour the landscape to passively harvest and catch rainwater when it rains to store in the largest tank we have....the soil.

Laundry Greywater

Learn how to reuse household wastewater from the washing machines into edible oasis's of food.

Rainwater Tanks

Learn how to size and install a variety of rainwater harvesting tanks to store water for when it is not raining. 

Shower Greywater Systems

Learn how to install a greywater system from showers and sinks through both gravity fed (branched drain) and pumped systems.

Appropriate Plants

Learn the basics of landscaping with plants suited to rainwater and greywater systems including some of the how, what, and where to plant.

Greywater Maintenence

Keeping greywater systems running smooth for years to come requires periodic upkeep. We will show you how to maintain all systems.