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Hands-On Laundry to Landscape Greywater Workshop with Rainwater Harvesting Earthworks

  • Private Residence Oceanside, CA (map)

This integrated workshop is a unique opportunity for homeowners and skilled professionals including landscapers, plumbers, contractors and builders to learn how to create simple, affordable, effective water conservation strategies.   December is a great time to start harvesting rainwater passively in your yard. We will be installing a laundry greywater system to in a front yard in Oceanside! This front yard will provide an abundance of food for people, pollinators, and birds without any imported water!

DId you know that 65-75% of our residential water use is in our landscapes.  By rerouting rainwater from storm drains and greywater from our wastewater treatment facilities to our landscapes we can drastically reduce water consumption throughout San Diego!  

A simple laundry to landscape system can water a small orchard.

A simple laundry to landscape system can water a small orchard.

Greywater use can be very simple and cost-effective when passive strategies are used.  But what are the permitting requirements and best practices around these strategies?  We will not only tell you, we will show you in this effective hands-on workshop!

In this workshop, participants will learn everything they need to start installing a no permit required greywater systems, including plumbing and landscape aspects.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Site analysis and planning

  • Designing and installing water harvesting earthworks.

  • Greywater permitting requirements and rebate opportunities throughout San Diego

  • No permit required Laundry-to-Landscape system

  • How to improve onsite water retention using soil, earthworks, basins, and plants to accentuate your active water harvesting strategies. 

Cost: $45. 

Location: Oceanside, CA

Please register here, or email