We have 8 years of experience implementing simple, cost-effective solutions for conserving water.  Our team has an eye toward maximizing your return on investment by providing many layers of payoff for each aspect of implementation.  We regularly install 500-5000 gallon tanks, shower greywater systems, and laundry-to-landscape greywater systems.  We also install kitchen greywater systems.  We can help you contour your landscape to catch and hold any existing water resources.  We can also suggest plantings and planting schemes that will thrive on your specific onsite water availability.

In addition to implementing simple, cost-effective solutions for conserving water, H2OME partners with organizations around San Diego to provide information, tools, resources, and events which highlight simple residential solutions to increasing our local water supply.  We host DIY workshops and home tours in partnership with The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute.  We consult with and advise Surfrider and Coastkeeper.  We speak to gardening clubs, community organizations, schools, businesses, and at regional events.  We'd love to help your community learn more about what each one of us can do to be part of the solution for long term water!

Rainwater Harvesting Installations Designed for You

One thing we've learned is that one size does not fit all.  In order to find a solution that really suits your space, your habits, your budget we offer consultations.

We can offer you a range of information from sizing, pricing, material use, aesthetics, low-cost things you can do that don't involve buying anything, combining water resources such as including greywater in your water budget for your yard, using your water more effectively by selecting productive plantings.  We will analyze your current water use and give you tips and ideas on how to use less, what resources are available to you, and where you can find out about the latest technologies.


One of the simplest resources for greywater are our laundry machines. Some older, top loading models can consume 50 gallons or more in one wash! Rather than send that relatively clean water down the drain, we can reuse it for irrigating our landscapes and even grow certain foods with it.  Even if you have a high efficiency washer, tapping into this resource can still be cost effective.

Laundry greywater systems do not require a permit. Depending on how your home is designed and where your washer is located, a laundry greywater installation can be quite quick and cost effective.  Schedule a consultation with Brook to discuss your options for reusing and recycling your laundry greywater.


Whether you're interested in DIY workshops, apprenticeship opportunities or professional training for your staff, we provide hands-on learning experience tailored to your needs.

Please use the links below to learn more about the different opportunities to learn from our team of experts and take your water conservation skills to the next level!