Andy Moffat is owner and operator of Andy's rain gutters. Andy has a passion for life and family that extends into his work and has done so for 15 years. Andy thoroughly enjoys working with H2OME on rain collection jobs and he feels Brook'sefforts have had a huge impact in San Diego.
   Andy is a licensed California contractor that specializes in Seamless and custom gutters and downspouts. He attended Ventura city college where he earned a full ride baseball scholarship to Sacramento state university after which followed a year in the minor leagues.
     Andy currently enjoys coaching his daughters softball team and playing in a 35 and over hardball league in Escondido. Its rumored his fastball is still pretty good!

Rosalind Haselbeck, Catching H2o

Rosalind Haselbeck is the owner and president of Catching H2O. Rosalind loves to collaborate with Brook on projects, bringing together their different perspectives and experience to design creative and affordable water harvesting systems. Rosalind's vision is to change people's relationship with water - conserving it and using it with awareness in their landscapes and homes. Rosalind is a licensed contractor (general and landscape), an ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) accredited professional and a green roof accredited professional. She is also an accredited member of the G3 Gardens group. Rosalind's educational background includes a PhD in Biology from the University of California, Irvine. Rosalind has been designing and installing green roofs and water harvesting systems since 2007.

Ecology Artisans is an ecological landscape and farmland design and development company. This top notch organization specializes in drought tolerant landscaping, rainwater harvesting (both active & passive systems, edible landscaping, regenerative farm design, agroforestry systems, and much more. 

This team is comprised of the top experts in the Southwestern United States when it comes to using ecology as the backbone for land transformation. They work on a variety of scales from the backyard to the 1,000 acre farm or watershed. 

Ecology Artisans' goal is to transform landscapes and communities into healthy functioning ecosystems.  As a combined group, they have trained thousands of people in sustainable living skills and permaculture. 

Ecology Artisans are proud to be pioneers among purpose-driven businesses here is San Diego County.  They are blazing a trail for environmental restoration, ecological land management, and local food production. All their work – from design to installation and project management – serves the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.  H2OME is proud to call them friends, colleagues, partners.


CommuniTree Gardens installs and designs landscapes of all scales, blending function with form. They are committed to going beyond sustainability and regenerating ecosystems that provide food, medicine and refuge for all living things. 

H2OME loves partnering with them to help coordinate successful, useful landscape integration with water harvesting principles!


more amazing local partners we love working with: