Greywater Codes Change

Greywater is a great way to conserve water and become more in tune with your space and the water that you use.  Now California has made it easier for people to use their greywater, abandoning their intricate permitting process in some cases, and alleviating some of the restrications that prevented most homeowners from creating a greywater solution in their spaces.  Checkout the article in the Union Tribune:  California Greywater Codes Changed!

However, with the easing of restrictions, there has been no simultaneous move to educate the general public on the best practices for using greywater.  So we need to educate ourselves.  Please look at Art Ludwig's website and Brad Lancaster's website in the resource list for more information on how to implement greywater systems.  Also, look at these 15 greywater guidelines put out by the state of Arizona.  They are very helpful in preventing problems and creating useful solutions.