El Nino didn't end the drought. The potential for conservation in still incredible.

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Last year at this time, San Diego was in a flurry because of all the media hype about El Nino.  Last year turned into an only slightly above average year of rain, almost 12" versus the 10" average.  Does that mean that the energy that went into creating storage opportunities was wasted?   NO WAY!  

Between October and January of last year H2OME and Garrison Construction installed almost 100,000 gallons of rainwater storage at dozens of residences all over San Diego, mostly in 500-1500 gallon size tanks.  Many of those tanks filled up more than once during the season, doubling our results!  In one week in January, during an Apprenticeship, we installed over 10,000 gallons of storage at FIVE different homes, just in time to allow all of that capacity to fill before the last of the rainy season.

How is that possible?  

A 1000 square foot roof will shed 600 gallons in 1" of rain.  So even in a drought year, if you were collecting every drop off a very small roof, you might be able to catch 3,000 gallons!  Especially in a drought year, this water is essential to maintain vegetation in our gardens.  

Did you know: Rebates for San Diego City Residents up to $400 are available for rainwater tank installation and Rebates for all County Residents up to $350 are available.

It's hard to feel empowered this season as the election drags us down, and we wonder how anything we do can make a difference.  After you get your outrage and disenfranchisement aired, do something that will absolutely make a difference in your community!  Consider putting in a rainwater tank!  The drought isn't over.  And just because El Nino isn't looming, doesn't mean that it's not worth being part of the shift in our southland culture toward true water conservation.  

Did you know that if we reduced our landscaping water needs by half, we would reduce our overall water consumption by 20%!   Imagine the infrastructure that goes into bringing that 20% of water from hundreds of miles away to us.  Imagine how you can contribute to moving your community closer toward local water security.  We need water to LIVE!  

Help me, and hundreds of your neighbors who have already started conserving, create a more water secure San Diego NOW.  Let's get over the political blues and activate our community!  Start with a consultation from H2OME to realize your fullest potential or better yet, join our upcoming Rainwater Tank Installation Workshop on Sunday, November 17!