Looking for Orange County Workshop Site, June

Are you interested in having rainwater or greywater systems in your yard?  Do you want to be part of a community effort where many people learn how to install these simple systems?  Well, I have a great opportunity for you.  The EcoApprentice Program at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano has a group of students ready to learn the art of water conservation by installing passive and active rainwater systems and greywater systems at YOUR house.  After hosting a series of these workshops in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside we know how powerful these events can be.  Here are some qualifications to see if this is a good fit for you.  If it is please get in touch with me at brook@h2o-me.com, or 619.964.4838 to schedule a consultation.

The date for this workshop is the weekend of June 24/25.  

I am looking for a site where we can do at least 2 of the following things:

500 gallon rainwater tank, 4' diameter

Install a 500 gallon tank or larger  

parts $300-$500.  

500 gallon tank = $600,   1000 gallon tank = $900,  1500 gallon tank = $1000

(You will be eligible for a $300+ rebate from socalwatersmart.com)

Install a laundry ($500 parts) or simple shower (only if you have a raised foundation) greywater system ($400 parts)  

Dig earthworks and reroute rainwater into basins or swales with an option to add appropriate plantings.  (maybe up to $150 in parts if rerouting downspouts)  Plants additional.  Drawn design additional/optional.

Planning the overflow for a basin that collect rainwater.

Planning the overflow for a basin that collect rainwater.

If you are interested in this, you should be able to pay for all the parts and save most labor costs.  There may be some prep work needed which you would need to pay for (some hourly labor) to ensure that the workshop runs smoothly and can be finished.   You will need to have rain gutters up on at least part of your roof for a tank install and some earthworks.

You should be able to pay the initial $250 consultation fee so that we can develop a design plan which can be carried forward.  As well as the $350 workshop fee.

Check out the past classes we have offered through the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute  as well as classes we have run in Orange County and Riverside!   Check out our facebook page for pictures of workshops and the latest news.

If you are interested in rainwater and greywater systems, connect with me online at www.h2o-me.com and fill out a submission form or send an email to : brook@h2o-me.com with "EcoApprentice Workshop" in the subject line.