Spring Water Connects us to the Source

H2OME came about because I wanted to be a resource to my community with regards to simple water conservation solutions that each of us could feel empowered to understand and institute.

One of the most satisfying aspects of my business, to this day, is having the knowledge and resources to contribute to some of the most conscious and important organizations around Southern California.

Placing the tank high in the landscape means better gravity flow to a specific location.

Earthroots Field School in Orange County is near and dear to my heart. My children and I have experienced amazing outdoor adventures, education, and connection through Earthroots. This weekend we were able to give back as we moved forward on installing a tank that will provide drinking water from a Spring at an Earthroots property, Big Oak Canyon. The intention of this property is for children and their families in this generation, and generations to come to have connection to wild spaces where we can nurture a greater respect and understanding for each other and the world around us.

We had to cut back some old grape vines to prepare a space for the tank.  

Even for a simple setup like this, we have opportunities to teach best practices.  

This mechanical float valve will automatically cause the water to be redirected to a different location once the tank fills with water.

Rosalind, with Catching H2O, really gets into her work!

With this project, they will have a significant aspect of infrastructure in place to sustain groups out here for a day or a weekend: drinking water! What better way to connect to nature than by drinking pure, sweet water that comes right from the ground. We, in Southern California, have lost touch with where our water comes from. When it's so easy to turn the tap and get cheap, clean water, who cares where it comes from? Earthroots cares! And is committed to raising a generation in awareness of what we take and what we give back. H2OME and CatchingH2O are so proud to be part of honoring the mission of such an honorable organization!

Our test is looking good!  If bacteria levels would high, the color of the water would start changing to grey or black.

Our test is looking good!  If bacteria levels would high, the color of the water would start changing to grey or black.

A series of tests has already been done to determine heavy metal content and mineral content.  These tests came back showing that this water is free of anything harmful in concentrations that would prove problematic. The next step for this project is testing the water.  We have a series of tests planned to determine bacteria content.   This water comes straight out of the ground where it is exposed to air briefly before being directed through a spring box into pipes.  So although the chances of bacteria being present are thin, there is still a possibility.