Bulk Tank Purchase can save you money

We got some upsetting news at the end of last year. Our much loved local tank manufacturer, Bushman, sold their tank business to the company that also owns Norwesco and Chemtainer in Northern California, creating a monopoly.

We have been working out the details of updated pricing and shipping costs. In order to save our clients money on these tanks, we are offering a bulk buy option for order next week. We currently have 4 tanks (including 5050 gallon tanks and 2825 gallon tanks) on order for delivery in San Diego. If you have had a plan from us in the past and are going to be ready to install your tank in the next couple months, this would be a great opportunity to get your tank onsite for a reasonable rate.

1320 gallon mocha rainwater tank in a South Park yard for growing veggies.

1320 gallon mocha rainwater tank in a South Park yard for growing veggies.

If you haven’t talked to us, but know what tank you want, this is a great opportunity for you to get the tank delivered to your door for less than what you might pay elsewhere (including The Tank Source, Grangettos - who purchase from the Tank Source, and SiteOne Landscape - which may have to start purchasing through the Tank Source). Because we are one of very few distributors in this region we have access to wholesale pricing. With wholesale shipping, this creates even more savings. This delivery option is saving 4 clients a total of $800 compared to purchasing these tanks individually through either Bushman or The Tank Source.

Please go to our website and fill out this form so we can get you an estimate. Or send us an email at brook@h2o-me.com if you are interested in purchasing your tank in the next week. Deadline is Friday, January 18.