We provide hands-on experiences for you to learn how to implement cost-effective water conservation solutions at home!

Would you like to host a greywater/rain harvesting workshop in your home? Hosting a workshop is a wonderful experience to get the job done with your friends, family and community by learning from our team of experts on site. Please fill out our form below!

Generally, a workshop is a half day for one or the other or a full day for both.

A laundry greywater system is about $500 in parts, and a $250 1/2 day workshop fee. Maybe a prep work fee if needed.  An installed laundry greywater system generally runs about $1000-$1500.  You can get up to $250 in rebates for your greywater system from the City of San Diego.

A rainwater system can range based on the size of tank and number of downspouts. Generally, at least a 500 gallon tank is preferable. Tank plus parts for this are around $900 plus the $300 1/2 day workshop fee. And maybe a prep fee. An install for a 500 gallon tank might run between $1200-$1500 depending on many factors.  You can get up to $750 in rebates back for a tank installation.

A full day workshop is $500 and we can do a laundry greywater and simple tank installation in the same day.

If you haven't had a consultation/planning meeting, we have a standalone fee for this service so you can decide not to do a workshop, but still have the tools you need to get your project started.

Don't forget to keep city rebates (greywater and rainwater) and rebates  in your calculations…/conservation/rebates/rainbarrel